Why you need sidesaddle on Mossberg 500/590

The Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns are great but the one thing that is annoying about most shotguns like these is their low ammo capacity. These Mossberg firearms are pump action shotguns which mean you’ll use up all the ammo in the magazine tube very quickly. Once you run out of ammo, you need to be able to quickly reload the shotgun so you can continue firing. Most shotgun owners may keep a pouch or strap on their vest that can hold extra shells. The problem with keeping the shells on your vest is that you must take your hand off the shotgun and reach onto your chest for the shells. If you do this, then you’re not going to be able to keep aiming your shotgun at the enemy or target in front of you. This will cause more of a delay between the time you reload your shotgun and the time you begin aiming and firing at your target.

The only solution to this problem is to install a sidesaddle onto your Mossberg shotgun. The sidesaddle can be installed on the left or right side of your shotgun’s receiver and it can hold at least four extra shells on it. That way, whenever you want to put a few more shells into the chamber of your shotgun, you can just reach to the side of your weapon and pull out another shell without your other hand having to lose its grip on the handle. This will enable you to maintain your composure and keep aiming your weapon toward your target. Sometimes all it takes is a few extra shotshells in order to get out of a desperate situation where your life is in danger. Anyone in law enforcement or in the military can surely appreciate this extra advantage of having a sidesaddle on your shotgun.