The Mossberg 500 High Capacity Shotgun Kit with Front Bead Sight gives you the ability to convert your existing Mossberg 500 shotgun into a weapon that holds more ammunition. In other words, you can turn a regular Mossberg 500 into a weapon that is suitable for self-defense or life-threatening situations. That is why the shotgun kit will give you an extra ammo capacity of eight rounds. As long as your Mossberg 500 is a 12 gauge, then this shotgun kit will be compatible with it.

Mossberg 500 High Capacity Shotgun Kit

Mossberg 500 High Capacity Shotgun Kit

The Mossberg 500 High Capacity Shotgun Kit features a barrel that is 20 inches long and can be chambered for 12-gauge magnum loads that are 3 inches and 2 ¾ inches. The kit also includes a fixed cylinder choke so you can cover more ground at combat ranges or on the battlefield. At the end of the barrel, it contains a bead front sight made of plain brass. This will give you extra help in aiming your weapon at a potential target.

The kit also includes a magazine extension tube, which is what gives you the extra ammo capacity that you’ll surely want to have. The extension can be threaded right into the receiver to give it the 8-round capacity upgrade. There is a knurled takedown screw that keeps the magazine tube in the barrel’s magazine support. That way, you won’t have to go out and purchase an individual barrel clamp to retain it there.

To ensure there is reliable feeding in your Mossberg 500, the kit even includes an extended length magazine spring which will help deliver faster feeds in your weapon. Therefore, what you will be getting with the Mossberg 500 High Capacity Shotgun Kit with Front Bead Sight is a barrel with a front bead sight, an extended length magazine spring, and a magazine extension tube that can hold 8 rounds. The barrel and magazine tube contain a blue finish and they are made of steel. The magazine spring is made out of high carbon steel wire.

If you want to purchase this shotgun kit, you can find it available at most reputable sporting good or gun parts stores on the internet. The cost of the kit is $99.99 and it usually sells out pretty quickly so you may have to purchase it on back order if there are none left in the seller’s inventory. Remember that you must have a Mossberg 500 12-gauge for this kit to work with your weapon.

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